Pitbull 5m Wheel Pulley

Pitbull 5m Wheel Pulley


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These Pitbull wheel pulleys are an excellent replacement for any 5m tooth belted system.

These are 3D printed ABS with over 60% infill. But what gives it it’s incredible strength is that these have each been individually vapor washed. 

Vapor washing is a finishing process for pieces that have been 3d printed in ABS plastic. Opposed to an acetone bath, vapor washing uses only the acetone vapors to melt and smooth the ouside surface of the object, fusing the layers seemlessly, and forming an incredibly strong shell.

The 2 photos show the difference before and after vapor washing.

Our current design has 36 teeth and are mainly designed for “fly wheels” style longboard wheels. They are fixed to the wheel using 6 bolts and nuts (not included).

More options coming soon.